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What Is Loyalsnap?

Save time, effort, and money by using automated and tailored approaches to client communication.

Loyalsnap integrates directly with your booking platform to create marketing approaches based on individual client activity, taking guesswork off your shoulders and empowering your team to connect with your clients in the most important stages of their customer journeys.

Convert More Leads

Convert 56% More Leads. Loyalsnap's lead-centric dashboard categories will populate new clients as soon as they create an account, so no prospects are missed. Meanwhile, automations will continue to send in the background in a strategic timeframe to continue outreach without overwhelming potential clients.

Maximize Client Retention

Increase sales revenue by 14%. Loyalsnap can help you identify lapsed clients, clients at risk, upsell opportunities, and much more, to help keep track of which members are in need of personal outreach to ensure they are having a positive client experience.

Minimize Member Cancellations

Keep members 4 months longer. We believe in proactivity. Loyalsnap pulls your clients' visit history in real-time so we can notify you when clients are at risk.

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